Energy Advisory Services

NorthEast Energy Advisory Services

NorthEast Energy Advisors provides energy advisory services for commercial and industrial clientele. We partner with you to help determine the best available, product type, contract terms, and overall energy commodity cost from available electricity and natural gas providers. Energy brokers typically represent energy suppliers. NorthEast Energy Advisors is a company that represents our clients to get the best price and contract terms to meet your business’ electricity and natural gas buying needs today and into the future.

When making electricity or natural gas purchasing decisions, NorthEast Energy Advisors takes into consideration all the factors from your current energy consumption profile to looking at your projected future use of energy. NorthEast Energy Advisors works with you to provide cost-effective and reliable energy advisory services for:

Electricity Procurement
Natural Gas Procurement
Demand-Response (DR)
Demand Curtailment Services

Electricity and Natural Gas Supply Energy Advisory Services:

We work with you to determine the best electricity and natural gas supply products. The energy markets are more complex than ever, including product choices such as:

  • Fixed Price
  • Block and Index option
  • Layering Energy Block option
  • 100% Market Index or Float Price
  • Variable LMP Index Price
  • Aggregation “Pool” Pricing
  • Actively managed product
  • NYMEX “plus basis” product
  • Strike Price and “triggering” services

Our knowledge and experience in evaluating, qualifying, and selecting the correct mix of regional and national energy suppliers ensures that the competitive energy markets work for you.

Demand-side Energy Advisory Services:

Often, the biggest savings happen before the utility meter spins. Efforts such as lighting retrofits (funded with tax deduction dollars from EPACT 2005), control system upgrades, HVAC equipment improvements, and water conservation projects reduce your overall usage and save you money. NorthEast Energy Advisors provides energy advisory guidance and cost analysis to help you implement a solution with guaranteed savings and financing options funded by the generated energy savings.

Demand Response Services:

NorthEast Energy Advisors’ Demand Response (DR) efforts enable clients to receive up to 70 to 80% or more of the available PJM regional demand capacity credit for reducing a portion of their energy demand when the reliability of the electricity grid is in jeopardy. We work with clients that can temporarily reduce their electric usage by a minimum of 100 kW. NorthEast will help notify clients of curtailment events, manages client program participation, and audit event compliance measurement and verification.

Renewable Energy Services:

At NorthEast Energy Advisors, our team has extensive experience working with clients to provide renewable energy as a part of a sustainability program. In many cases, clients can choose a competitive supplier and still save money compared to the utility prices.